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Exploring Root Canal vs Extraction
root canal treatment vs tooth extraction

Today, we explore the differences between root canal treatment and tooth extraction for those suffering from an infected tooth.
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What Is a Root Canal Re-treatment, and Why Would I Need One?
root canal retreatment

Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment following inflammation or infection often last a lifetime with proper care. Sometimes, it may have to be re-treated because it becomes infected again.
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Why Should I Undergo a Root Canal Procedure if I have the Option?
why root canal

For anyone who isn’t quite sure about whether a root canal treatment would be the best option for them and their troubled tooth, this is what our Don Mills endodontist wants you to know.
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Dental Crack Diagnosis: When to Worry About a Chipped or Fractured Tooth
Dental Crack Diagnosis

When someone experiences or notices a crack or chip in their tooth, they might feel instantly terrified and begin to pray that their tooth isn’t a lost cause.
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The Advantages of Cone Beam CT Imaging for Root Canal Patients
Cone Beam CT imaging

With the invention of computed tomography (CT) imaging came a game-changing technology employed by many endodontists and dentists today: the cone beam CT, or CBCT for short.
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