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Any tooth with previous endodontic treatment has a small risk of becoming re-infected.

With reinfection following a previous RCT, the tooth can become infected and quite painful. Fortunately, a re-treatment procedure can save the affected tooth, giving it a second chance at survival and long-term success.

A root canal re-treatment procedure explained

endo retreatment

During a typical endodontic re-treatment procedure, the tooth is reopened again in order to gain access to and clean out the previous root canal filling material.

Next, the canals are cleaned out thoroughly. Then Dr. Danesh will examine the tooth for any unusual canal structures, cracks and infection.

endo retreatment

Lastly, the canals are sealed. In cases where the canals are too narrow or unusual, further treatment in the form of an apical surgery may be necessary.

root canal retreatment

To finalize the re-treatment, a permanent filling or new crown will be placed to provide protection and support.


If you suspect you are dealing with a failed previous RCT and are in need of a re-treatment, contact our friendly team at Endodontics on Don Mills today.