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June 24, 2022
Saving Teeth or Replacing with Implant: an Endodontist's View

The goal in Endodontics is to save the teeth for the matter of esthetics and function. However, one of the current controversies in dentistry is when to retain a compromised tooth with root canal treatment or when to extract and replace it with an implant. Systemic and local factors, patient’s concerns and preferences, esthetics, treatment duration, cost, and future complications should be considered in the decision-making process. Furthermore, clinician’s background, skill, and the way the options are presented to patients would be influential.

Several compromised cases will be presented at this webinar. At the end of this webinar the audiences have learnt more about:

  • 1. The meaning of success rate and survival rate in Endodontics and implant dentistry.
  • 2. The factors and diagnostic tools to consider for saving or extraction of teeth.
  • 3. The cases that extraction will be inevitable.

November 4, 2022
Endodontics for the GP

This comprehensive course will walk you through the essentials needed for daily endodontic procedures. A case-based diagnosis provides you with a step-by-step and systematic approach to reach a diagnosis. You will learn how to select your patients based on the difficulty assessment tool and manage hot teeth.

The fun part of Endodontics – cleaning & shaping and obturation – will be elaborated upon, so that you will be comfortable with negotiation of narrow canals, root canal preparation, and 3D obturation using the state of the art continuous wave compaction technique.




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